April 2021 Annual Sports Day

In UCSI CDC, being healthy is of great importance. We believe that both mental and physical health is vital in order to support holistic development. On 24 April 2021, UCSI CDC organised our Annual Sports Day. The theme for our Sports Day was “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”.

The teachers had a limited amount of time to fire up their creative thinking to come up with games that were appropriate with age and fun while keeping with the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).  While deciding about the games to play, the CDC team simultaneously had to plan the flow of the event. This was a tough and challenging time for each teacher in the school. The teacher in charge was tasked with the design of the Sport’s Day uniforms. The other teachers had to prepare the material and equipment for their games. Each age group had three games to play, two games were individual games and the third game was a group game. Weeks of preparation led to the eve of this event. The team spent the day before setting up the hall by decorating it with balloons, setting up the sound system and putting in the lanes for the games.

1, 2, 3 Strike! Game with the 3-year-olds.

After weeks of preparation and training the children, the day finally arrived. The event was divided into two sessions. The five- and six-year-olds were part of the first session. The hall started to fill with excitement as the parents arrived and sat at their places. Anyone there that day could feel the anticipation and spirit of sportsmanship especially when the parents colour coded their attire with their children’s team uniform to show support. The event kicked off with the children marching in and singing the national anthem. This was followed by the torch relay done by the representatives of each class. After the formalities of the speeches and performances, the games began.

Hop as high as you can!

The first game was with the five-year-old children playing “challenge yourself”. The next game was with the six-year-old children where they played “hula hoop lasso challenge”. The children were required to catch a ball by lassoing a hula hoop around the ball and pulling it towards them. This game was particularly challenging for the children and brought out each child’s determination. Every child kept trying many times until they were able to achieve the goal. The games went on alternating between the five and six-year-old children. Each game went smoothly and the children enjoyed every game. After every game, there was a prize giving ceremony.

Aerobic dance.

After the first session was over, the CDC team and volunteers present immediately started preparing for the second session where the three and four-year-old children played their games.  The children had given a wonderful aerobic performance and march-in after which the games started. Some children were anxious and began to cry, however, the teachers and interns comforted these children. They were then able to participate with confidence while enjoying every game. The children were excited to receive their medals and trophies while the parents watched beaming with pride.

The hula hoop lasso challenge.

This exhilarating yet tiring day came to close by having the parents play a game with their children. Prizes were given out to the winners and the day finally came to an end. The parents and children alike enjoyed this eventful day.