Contextual Learning

Greetings from UCSI Child Development Centre.

As part of our expansion plan (in addition to the introduction of swimming lessons), we would like to take this opportunity to announce that our centre will introduce Contextual Learning.

Contextual Learning is a form of imaginative / pragmatic play-based learning.

Effective January 2018, our Cheras centre will be conducting contextual labs every Friday. These contextual labs will introduce different themes throughout the year, using distinctively different spaces, namely Kitchen Lab, Urban Lab, Wildlife Lab, Health and Science Lab and so on.

Teachers will incorporate academic skills through theme-based activities, and may add theme-based props to these contextual labs. Children are given the autonomy to choose activities based on their current interests.

Contextual Learning aims to develop social skills using the teacher modelling approach. Our teachers will act more as facilitators to aid learning than a teacher dishing out direct instructions.

Students’ progress is monitored by their participation in hands-on activities and observational assessments, instead of workbooks or grading system / marks.

By deploying this approach at UCSI Child Development Centre, we are aiming to prepare students for life beyond the classroom.

Stay tuned with us for more information.