Exceptional Facility

Our Environment

Numerous studies have demonstrated that environment plays a major role in helping children develop appropriate learning processes. The Reggio Emilia approach posits that the environment serves as the “third teacher” for children (whereby parents and teachers are the first and second teachers). Children are just as affected as adults when their level of engagement in the class can be impacted by the environment they are in.

At UCSI CDC, we have given careful thought to the design and planning of the best learning environment to ensure our young students, who are stepping out of their home for the first time, feel welcome and secure.

Our learning space or environment incorporates the following:

  • A conducive environment with sufficient brightly-lit work and play space. The colour of each room, level of natural light, furniture and learning materials help generate children’s interest and meet their needs during play sessions and lessons.
  • Compliance with high-safety standards and vital hygiene practices. The safe environment comforts and encourages children to learn and have fun!
  • Ideal teacher-student ratio. This enables teachers to closely observe each child, and help them to achieve their best in their learning. Our young students also develop trustworthy relationships with caring and responsive adults.
  • Cultural diversity and non-discriminatory is observed. Our staff and children are made up of diverse races and backgrounds such as Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and foreigners. This allows children to grow up in a multicultural environment, and be prepared to be global citizens. We also appreciate children with special needs.
  • Supports family involvement and trusting relationships. Parents are encouraged to join us especially for Parent-Teacher Meetings, Sports Day, Annual Graduation and Concert Day and other events/activities.
  • Suitable learning spaces to accommodate enrichment programmes. The programmes such as culinary and baking, enhanced dramatic plays and more hands-on activities are also in the pipeline.