What is UCSI CDC?

UCSI Child Development Centre started its operation in 2008. Our first centre operated out of Cheras and the Springhill branch was opened in 2013.

It is an extension of the education arm under UCSI Education Group. I am sure our teaching approach and quality of curriculum will be able to meet your expectations.

What are the staff’s qualifications? I heard your teachers are not qualified. Is that true?

Staff training and development is always a top priority for us here. Our teachers are qualified with at least a Diploma in Montessori, Diploma in Early Childhood Education or have been trained in-house with an Intensive Montessori Certificate / PERMATA programme. We also have teachers holding qualifications such as Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology of Child Development).

The centre is too far from my place. Do you have any other centres nearby?

Sorry, sir/miss/madam. We only have two branches which are located at Cheras and Springhill.

Do you accept infants below 18 months?

You may make an appointment with our centre manager to discuss the arrangement.

What is CDC’s teaching approach and syllabus?
  • We adopt play-based / learning by playing as our teaching approach for children between the ages 2 to 4. We guide children using the highly-regarded Montessori Method for this age range as well.
  • For those aged 4 to 5, we prepare the children for the next education level, which is primary school, be it international, private, or government. The lesson plan is designed and delivered accordingly.
  • We also support the children in terms of emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual and intellectual development, promote a healthy self-esteem and foster respect for self, others and the environment.
  • We also encourage children to learn at their own pace, and cultivate enthusiasm to attend the daily lessons at the centre.
What benefits would my child acquire?

The components of our curriculum are designed to help children develop in two key areas: holistic development and academic development

  • Holistic development focuses on building the child's confidence, social skills, physical fitness,
    motor skills, cognitive thinking and language development
  • Academic development focuses on phonics, reading, writing and mathematics

Our curriculum aims to develop a confident and loving child who is ready for school and demonstrates a strong passion for lifelong learning.

What are the unique selling points of UCSI CDC, Cheras Centre?

UCSI Child Development Centre conducts multiple learning tests validated by child psychologists to identify the learning development and weakness of a child. The tests are conducted once a child is enrolled into our programme and also annually.

We will share the outcome of the tests with the parents and discuss a suitable intervention programme to rectify or improve any weakness or shortcomings.

Contextualised learning is the special feature of the centre as every Friday, we carry out a contextualisation lab session that differs by a weekly theme.

Our curriculum is always up-to-date - 10%– 15% of the content will be revised every year to reflect the rapid changes that are taking place in our world. The children always receive the latest knowledge to ensure they have a smooth transition into the primary level.

What is the teacher-child ratio?




Play school

0 - 1








Preschool 1


1;10 ( PERMATA)

Preschool 2



Preschool 3






In addition to the required staffing, additional manpower is made available to enable lower teacher-child ratios and thus better supervision and care. Please check with the centre manager / principal on the specific ratio for each level. 

What is the school's approach when a child falls sick?
  • The parents are advised not to bring their child to the centre if the child is not feeling well in the morning.
  • Home rest allows the children to recover faster. Staying away from the school protects other children too.
What will the centre do when a child falls sick?
  • Teachers will attend to the child's needs.
  • Isolate the child to allow rest.
  • Parents will be contacted to take the child home or see a doctor.
  • While waiting for parents to come, the child's condition will be monitored.
  • If parents or relatives are not able to come and the child's condition is serious, the school may seek medical attention on the parent's behalf.
  • Cost of medical treatment will be borne by parents.
What measures does the school take to ensure the children's safety and well-being?
  • Health checks upon arrival each morning to detect signs of sickness.
  • Pickup: Only authorised persons are allowed to pick up children.
  • Medication: The school does not administer any form of oral medication that may at any time be prescribed to the child.
  • Entrance / exit doors: Closed at all times and latches locked from 9:30 am to 12 noon.
  • Fire drill: Conducted every six months to train children and staff on what do in case of fire.
  • Teachers: At least one teacher is present in the classroom at all times.
  • Visitors will be accompanied at all times.
  • Cleaning: Toilets are cleaned at least once a day.
  • Toys & materials are cleaned daily and mattresses are cleaned at least once a week.
How does the centre communicate with the parents on a daily basis?
  • Parents’ WhatsApp group
  • Children communication booklet
  • Parent online portal (upcoming)
  • Parent Teacher Meet Day (held twice a year or more), for parents and teachers to share ideas and information about the child's overall development
  • Children's progress report and work folders
Any rebate, early bird discount of promotion given by CDC?

Kindly contact our centre manager for more details.